June 2, 2020

Flynn Creations

Freelance Writing Service

On August 6, 2011, I married the love of my life, a local Leominster gal who made it very clear to me that we were going to live here in North Central Massachusetts and not relocate to the wilds of Boston from whence I came. It wasn’t a tough sell. I’d already been here for several years and I wasn’t planning on going anywhere. To reinforce that decision, we started an online business together. Our primary offerings were article writing, content marketing, and my wife’s photography services, so we called the new company Flynn Creations.


As the years have gone by, we’ve gradually added additional services to adapt to technological advancements and the needs of the small businesses we service. Content and article writing evolved into full service digital content marketing. Photography morphed into event planning and videography services. In 2019 we added sales process design.  

Today, we offer book writing and publishing, article writing, and content marketing that can help any business grow their customer or client base and increase revenue. We typically begin with a business and market analysis, then look at ways to improve your online presence, expand your social media footprint, and drive quality traffic to your website. 

Locally, Flynn Creations LLC focuses our small business efforts in North Central Massachusetts, the area regionally known as Montachusett Valley, but we also have clients in Western Mass and  Southern New Hampshire. The challenges of running a small business in America are universal. We have years of experience helping folks meet those challenges, overcome obstacles, and achieve success.  

Nationally, we specialize in financial article writing and online marketing for financial advisors. Our team members are experts in this area and we stay current on the guidelines and regulations governing advertising, promotions, and online marketing in the space. We’re also able to provide industry-specific references who can testify to our success rate. 

To learn more about Flynn Creations LLC, or to inquire about our book writing and publishing service, please feel free to browse through our website or use the form on our Contact Page to request additional information. Or simply call Kevin Flynn at 617-913-5512. 

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