Original Financial Content

Financial advisors have a variety of options they can use for content generation and dissemination, but many of these “content distributors” are actually selling the same content to multiple firms. Sites like AdvisorStream and Lead Pilot have large databases of quality articles to share on social media, but none of it is actually your content. If you’re going to post articles, they should be original content that speaks in your voice.

Financial Writing

Another drawback to third-party content is that it doesn’t build any SEO value for your website. In fact, if you post articles that other firms are publishing from the same source, you might actually hurt your search position. Google Panda, an update to the Google algorithm first implemented back in 2011, prohibits and penalizes websites from using duplicate content. Using it will ensure that the only new prospects you see will come from random Facebook traffic. Is that what you want?

Flynn Creations writes customized, original financial articles and designs online marketing programs for financial advisors. We’ve worked with Registered Investment Advisors, Financial Planners, and Fintech software providers. Our content is extensively researched, fact-checked, and every piece is unique. The primary goal for our writers is to put your website on the front page of search results in your niche market and/or geographical area.

Contact us if you’d like to add original content to your website or blog and become a thought leader in our industry. We start with a free consultation call, then move forward by creating a content plan based on your needs and keyword research from our data analytics department. You can use the form on our contact page or call 617-913-5512 to learn more.

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