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Kevin D. Flynn is a seasoned entrepreneur, freelance financial writer, and golf enthusiast. To contact Kevin, email or call 617-913-5512.

Running a small to mid-sized business is challenging at any time. Operating in the post-pandemic “new normal” has taken that to another level. We’ve seen shifts in funding sources, supply chains, marketing techniques, distribution channels, and even employee recruitment.

In 2015, I wrote an eBook for the financial sector called “Remote First.” It turned out to be a prophetic look at a business model that would be employed by necessity in 2020. Those who adopted it then were prepared when pandemic stay-at-home orders went into effect.

Today, many businesses are choosing remote or hybrid employment models because they’re simply more cost-effective, but the transition isn’t easy. Concepts like flexible scheduling, asynchronous communication, and remote collaboration are new to many SMBs.

As an entrepreneur, I’ve implemented the “remote first” business model in several projects. My team blends it with the “lean startup” methodology developed by Eric Ries to mitigate financial risk. The combination can make your company more flexible and easier to scale.

Flynn Consulting is not your grandfather’s advisory firm. We’re a 21st century answer to the challenges and changes that you’re living through right now. We can help you streamline your finances, upgrade your technology, and modify your business model if needed.

“Kevin has an abundance of knowledge about business and finance. His level of communication is unmatched, which makes it easy to collaborate and align on expectations.”

Ryan Hussey – iQuanti

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