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Kevin D. Flynn is a seasoned sales and marketing professional, entrepreneur, freelance financial writer, and golf enthusiast. To contact Kevin, email or call 617-913-5512.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “The years teach much which the days never know.” I’ve spent the past thirty years learning how to overcome the day-by-day challenges that business owners face. As I enter the next phase of my life, I feel my mission is to share that knowledge as a business coach. These are the services I’m offering:

Remote Coaching – $500 per month

Many business coaches bill by the hour. My fee is $500 per month. My objective is to help you increase revenue, boost productivity, and cut costs. I’ll meet with you and your team in-person or on Zoom once a month and provide unlimited phone, email and IM support during regular business hours. On-site coaching and content creation are not included.

On-Site Coaching – $100 per hour

Some things just need to be done in person. I’m always happy to come to you, visit with your team, and work collaboratively to determine which actions and decisions will most benefit your business. I can also train your sales and marketing team, select and install a software stack that will make you more efficient, and coach your managers and directors.

Financial Writing | Business Content

Content is the key to managing and marketing your business. This service includes business plans, sales and marketing materials, blog posts, and website content. I’ve been writing for over twenty years and specialize in business and finance. Financial writing is a primary component in my coaching strategies. Ask me about this when you call.

“Kevin has an abundance of knowledge about business and finance. His level of communication is unmatched, which makes it easy to collaborate and align on expectations.”

Ryan Hussey – iQuanti

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