Life Coaching

According to a study conducted by the Boston University School of Public Health in 2021, roughly one of every three Americans has suffered from some form of depression since the 2020 pandemic. The primary causes of this are long-term isolation and financial distress.

Depression isn’t the only problem for working professionals. Many turn to alcohol and drugs. The CDC reported in 2019 that 65.8 million adults had done at least some “binge drinking.” 35.8 million US adults reported illicit drug use. That was before the pandemic shut the world down.

Life coaching is not meant to replace professional medical treatment for these conditions. A life coach’s job is to walk people through their options, stand by their side during the tough times, and provide a listening ear and helpful voice when needed.

Our team here at Flynn Consulting includes life coaches, personal finance coaches, and recovery coaches . Our collective knowledge and experience can help guide your employees through the problems that are plaguing their personal and professional lives.

Many of our clients come to us for life coaching because nothing else they’ve tried has worked. Our approach is personal, confidential, and effective. Use the form below to learn more:

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