November 16, 2019

Flynn Creations

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Financial Advisor Websites

Flynn Creation website design

Every website I create is unique, original, and targeted to the needs of your firm. As a financial advisor, you should have a website that “speaks” to your ideal client prospect. Do you target high net worth clients only? Legal or medical professionals? Teachers? Military? Pilots? Professional athletes? I can build a website and write content that tells your story in words they will relate to. I can then place that content in front of your ideal prospects with selective online media targeting. Here’s my pricing schedule:

  • Premium Custom Website: $1995  (See Portfolio)
  • Existing WordPress Redesign: $1495 
  • Premium SEO with Content and Video Marketing: $1295 per month
  • Premium SEO with Content Marketing: $995 per month
  • Standalone Blog Posts: $250 each (Up to 1000 words)

As part of my service, I use SEO articles extensively to build backlinks to your website and any content I create for you. Before sharing your blog posts, I research social media sites to find groups and conversation threads where your content will be relevant. Lead generation is all about starting conversations with prospects who fit your target profile.

If you have spoken with me before, you know that I will not sell you a product or service you don’t need. I will, however, happily have a conversation with you about what you do need and whether or not I can provide it for you. You can use the contact form below to contact me or simply call me at 617-913-5512.

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