Email Marketing Programs

Most first-time visitors to your website will not buy your product or subscribe to your service. It doesn’t matter how good your offering is. The nature of today’s online shopper is to compare and price shop before buying.

How do you make sure those first-time visitors are captured and communicated to in a timely and non-invasive fashion? You don’t want to push them. That won’t lead to a long-term relationship. You want to date a bit before you get married.

Email Marketing

That’s where email marketing comes in. Contrary to popular opinion, email marketing doesn’t start with sending emails. It starts with the contact form on your website, what fields it contains, and yes, the color palette you use.

Don’t try to do this alone at home! I’ve spent years coming up with effective ways to do email marketing, and the rules change all the time. The prospect of today will behave differently tomorrow. Effective marketing is knowing how to adapt.

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