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232f97ccae_content-marketing-toolsWe live in a point and click society, one where images attract web traffic. Those images are a key piece of any content marketing strategy, but once you’ve captured a prospect’s interest, where is the substance of your offering? That’s the point when you need some actual content. Serious customers won’t be sold by pretty pictures and gimmicks. They want to read more about what you’re offering and how you can meet their needs.

The content of your website is the place where you want to begin. A sales process starts with a message. Your website needs to portray that message in a clear and concise manner, and in such a way that your target market can understand it. The biggest mistake made in content marketing is writing content directed at peers, not prospects. Your peers already know your business. Prospects need to be educated. The most effective way to do that is with simple language devoid of insider terminology.

To understand your target market better I generally recommend starting a blog, a  great way to have an online, casual conversation with prospects and clients. It should not be done to “promote” your product and services, but more to talk about the challenges your readers face and what’s needed to help solve those problems. This data is vital when composing company and product messaging.

Two other media tools that I use, primarily for driving traffic and generating leads, are SEO articles and press releases. Proper placement of these content creations requires extensive research and knowledge of search engine optimization and page ranking. The variables and algorithms used in calculating page rank are constantly changing, so I keep myself up to date with regularly scheduled research.

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