June 2, 2020

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Reader’s Cup Team donates Laptop to Deserving Fitchburg Student

Hiram's Edge laptop donation to Jilleen Durgin

The Hiram’s Edge Literacy Project, organizers of this year’s 2020 Reader’s Cup Golf Tournament, continued its philanthropic ways last week with the donation of an Asus laptop to an honors student at Goodrich Academy in Fitchburg.

Eighteen-year-old Jilleen Durgin is going to nursing school. It’s not a “might” or a “maybe.” She has excelled in all academic areas and has decided this is what she wants to do. Her principal at Goodrich, Alexis Curry, told us this when she first brought Jilleen to our attention.

This young lady has not had an easy journey. She comes from a working-class family of five children, attends classes and tutors at Goodrich Academy, holds a full-time job as a shift leader at Dunkin Donuts, and is a full-time intern at Community Health Connections.

“I recently bought a car with my own money,” Jilleen told me in an interview last week. “My dad taught me that, if I want something in life, I need to earn it.”

Jilleen certainly earned our attention here at Hiram’s Edge. She was awarded “Special Honors” status at Goodrich and won the Worcester County Superintendent’s Award. As a peer tutor, she not only helps with academics, but also brings first-hand experience to students suffering from anxiety. She has overcome her own issues to help others.

Our intent when we first heard Jilleen Durgin’s story was to assist her with book purchases for school, but Mrs. Curry told us that Jilleen did not own a computer. Thanks to Hiram’s Edge, she does now. Our Reader’s Cup team provided one for her last week and we will continue to help her and Goodrich Academy in any way that we can.

The Financial Challenges of Funding an Education

This may come as no surprise to anyone, but our school systems, particularly in towns where per capita income is lower, are severely underfunded. The Hiram’s Edge Literacy Project was put together specifically for this reason. Our mission as a non-profit here in North Central Mass is to provide books and electronics to deserving students like Jilleen.

The Reader’s Cup Golf Tournament is our primary source of funding and will be held this year at the Woods of Westminster Golf Course, 90 Bean Porridge Hill Rd, Westminster. The date is Saturday, August 22, starting at 8:00 am. If you’d like to help us in assisting more qualified students like Jilleen, please click the “Learn More” button below.

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