June 2, 2020

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“Social Media is a Cesspool”

My day was going so well. Then I heard the question of all questions. “Why would I want to advertise my business on Facebook when I consider social media to be nothing more than a cesspool?” The question stopped me in my tracks for a moment. Usually, potential clients are looking for ways to get the word out. Facebook and Linked In are two of the best sites to do that on, but are they really just cesspools where users dump their waste?

It’s a valid point. I logged into my Facebook account before writing this and was deluged with political commentary, ads for business services I don’t need, and one personally disturbing image of Star Wars characters in Star Trek uniforms (as if they could make it through Starfleet training). This image almost proved my client’s point.

Until I viewed my business pages …

If you are posting content from your business on a personal page, you’re wasting time and diluting the quality of your prospect pool. In short, you’re dumping good content into a cesspool. This is particularly true on Facebook because the average user going there is not looking for your services. You need to create a target market with a business page.

On January 1st, knowing I was going to relaunch Flynn Creations on February 1st, I ran a “like” campaign using Facebook Boost. I didn’t try to drive traffic to my website. I took each of the pages on my website and posted them on the business page. When someone liked one of those ads, I sent an invite for them to like the page. The results? 548 page likes.

Let me put that in perspective. The Facebook users who liked my business page are folks who are actually interested in the services and products I have to offer. When I publish blog content, because I use WordPress sites with the Sociable plugin, that content automatically reposts to the Facebook business page, NOT my general page where people are fighting the Donald versus Nancy battle and posting stupid memes.

How does that translate into new business?

Those 548 page likes helped viewers to see the details of my business, including a link to my main website. The result of that? 285 unique visitors and 535 page views in the month of January. How much did I spend to get those? $155 ($5 a day). How many prospects came out of that effort? So far, the total number of qualified prospects is seven. With an ARR of $6000 per new client, that’s potential annual revenue of $42,000. Still think Facebook is a waste of time and money?

I used two targeting criteria for my Facebook ads. The first was geographic, which included every adult between the ages of 30 and 65 within a fifty mile radius. No offense to the twenty-somethings, but the number of serious business owners in your age group is not high enough for me to spend money on. When I was twenty-five, I was more interested in dating and beer bashes than I was in entrepreneurial enterprises.

The second targeting criteria was financial advisors. I spent seven years working for Blueleaf Wealth, so RIAs and financial planners were the folks I felt most comfortable speaking with. I thought they would be the more dominant of the two groups, but perhaps not surprisingly, they did not respond well to the Facebook approach. Linked In and email marketing got me much better results in the financial services space.

Email Capture and Video Marketing

I’ll be running additional posts on both of these topics in the upcoming weeks, but I need to touch on these to complete the picture for you. I’ve been using Constant Contact for over ten years and I absolutely love it for email marketing. My Facebook page has a signup form under the “Join My List” tab. Any email entered there goes on a Constant Contact list and starts an email string. I’ve built a list of over 4000 opt-in emails there and my last campaign scored a 22% open rate. My friend with the cesspool comment was one of those opens.

On Linked In, they also have business pages, but that’s not how I market there. Linked In has groups. If you want to reach prospects that match your ICP (Ideal Client Prospect), join the groups where those prospects “live.” It’s easy to figure out what those are if you do a little research. Linked In Sales Navigator can also be a great tool for prospecting on that network and Linked In is a great place to post links to your Youtube channel. Here’s one we just posted recently:

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